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Youth action in Wellington, New Zealand

Client Feedback

We ask our clients for feedback on our work. See below for some of their comments.

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Youth Justice Board for England & Wales and HM Prison Service

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for this comprehensive report and the work you dedicated to producing it. It has been a great pleasure working with you over the last couple of months." Karl Mittelstadt, Secure Development Manager)

"The report really tells the story - struggles, triumphs frustrations and a sense of hope that the concept will grow and sustain."

I am in no doubt that the positive view that you reflected in your perceptive analysis significantly influenced their thinking in a way that we could not have done. (Dave McSweeney, Brinsford YOI)

"... extremely comprehensive and on first read presents as an accurate and well balanced piece of work" (Steve Kennedy, HMPS)

London Borough of Croydon

This means that your work in Croydon has now finished. Thank you very much for everything. You have done an excellent job in demanding timescales so am very appreciative .... hope that our paths cross again soon.

Andie Opie, Community Safety Manager

Restorative Solutions

"...a very comprehensive, balanced, perceptive report..."

Sir Charles Pollard QPM, Associate Director of Restorative Solutions and first Chairman of the Youth Justice Board

London Wardens Resource Centre

"The DCLG-funded London Training and Resource Centre commissioned Dr Sohail Husain to review the impact and effectiveness of one of the most successful Government initiatives - neighbourhood wardens.

His report has featured in a range of publications and generated great interest, in particular from the organisers of the European Conference on Security Democracy and Cities. We were so pleased with the work that we recommended his services to others in the national network of resource centres, who he is now completing work for."

Caroline Thwaites, Regional Manager

Ministry of Social Development, New Zealand

"In March 2006, the Ministry of Social Development was invited to attend the Crime Reduction Training delivered by Sohail Husain and Fuimaono Tuiasau. The MSD is involved in a significant interagency project that is lead by a range of government agencies which responds to youth gang activities in South Auckland. This project is significant in terms of its scope and overall objective. It seeks to reduce youth crime and improve outcomes for South Auckland youth.

We entered the CPU training with limited knowledge of how to approach crime prevention. Although most of the attendees were local government employees who were responsible for implementing smaller projects specific to their area, and the training was tailored specifically to meet their needs, we readily saw the value of developing action plans, intervention logic, and measurable aims, objectives and outcomes for our project.

After attending this course, officials subsequently developed an Action Plan to address youth gang issues and improve outcomes for youth in South Auckland. The handouts given at the training continue to be useful for both developing the plan and reporting to Ministers."

Jenni Nana (Policy Manager) and Pania Te Whaiti (Senior Analyst)

Cheshire Criminal Justice Board

"Thank you for the work you did for Cheshire YOT and the Cheshire Criminal Justice Board. In both instances I felt that you took care to make good links with the local staff and the people you were consulting. You handled your contacts sensitively and effectively and obtained plenty of good quality information.

Your reports in both cases were well presented and gave excellent direction about how the research data could drive policy and practice changes. This, after all, is the real point of research. Your personal presentation of your work was good humoured, well paced and clearly well received by the audience."

Phil Lloyd, Head of Cheshire YOS & Member of Cheshire CJB

Metropolitan Police

I found it a very positive experience working with you. The approach was robust, systematic and thorough. I felt that you also adopted a pragmatic and sympathetic approach to the project managers, understanding the difficult position they were in and trying to be as supportive as possible. Regular updates were provided to the Alliance team which we found very useful, and enabled us to take as much appropriate remedial action as possible. You were very approachable, and more than willing to listen when there were matters we felt you were unaware of that might usefully be taken into account. Finally, the finished reports are accessible, fair and will prove invaluable not just to the Alliance, but also to the wider prevention community when considering future project initiation.

Detective Chief Inspector, Metropolitan Police